"SP Starts Remaining" Not Updating

I’ve noticed that on the matchup detail page, the SP Starts Remaining counter, next to the Pitching Stats header, is not updating. (Apologies if this has already been reported – I did a search but couldn’t find anything.)

Here’s an example page:

My team has 2 SP starts remaining, but it’s showing as 6.

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@arthur.wyckoff was reporting this issue in this thread:

Starting a new thread for it was the correct choice, so I’ll track the issue here.

There is some value being cached that the system is not clearing consistently when pitchers become locked. I assume you had 4 pitchers starting around the same time yesterday?

The number is correct now, but I’m still looking into why this occurs from time to time.

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It’s still occurring in my league as well as of a couple days ago. But it is correct now (just double checked).

I’m in Arthur’s league too. I noticed the same thing on Tuesday or Wednesday. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it happens.

Yeah, definitely a weird pattern-less bug. My favorite! I have some ideas on what is going on though, and I’ll explore some solutions today.

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I’ve taken one small step at sorting this out. Please post to this thread if you continue to not see this value updated.

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Unfortunately the fix didnt work. I had 3 starts at the beginning of the day. Two pitchers started although one -Kluber-was in a double header. Now I have no starts left. To say I’m pissed would be an understatement.

Could you link me to your team? Kluber should not have counted as two starts. I’ll investigate and try to sort it out before games tomorrow at the latest.

I’ve made an attempt to fix this issue. Please let me know if the system still isn’t giving you the right number of starts.

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It looks fixed from my perspective. His team is in my league here: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/935/team?team=6651

Thank you for this update. I will keep an eye on this through tomorrow.

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Looks like it’s fixed for my league as well. Thanks for the quick resolution!

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