Speed up the "Trade Status & History" page

Could we get this page to default to a filtered down version of the same data set?

In League 477 for example: this page is the equivalent of printing out 111 pages. It can be helpful for finding EVERY time a player has been traded but, it becomes really slow to navigate, and takes a long time load.

Suggestion: last 10 Rejected, last 10 accepted etc and then have some filters on year where we can look at trades within a given year and… lastly the entire list as it is now.

Food for thought? Other ideas welcome, generally just interested in seeing this page function a little faster.


This is on my radar for the medium-term. Interested in hearing how people use this page.


I most frequently use it to go read why a trade was rejected, which I think starts at about page 82 or so if I were looking at it from scrolling (story here is I offer A LOT of bad trades =p).

I use the page mostly to refresh my memory about previous offers that I’ve made (or have been made to me), mostly so I’m not making the same offer. It’s also entertaining to review previous offers and realize what a bonehead move was made in declining the offer. But it’s mostly to have an idea of what the previous packages offered have been so that I’m not duplicating previously declined offers. But anyway, as it’s currently configured (easy search by player or team name) is perfect. But I agree with the OP that being able to narrow the date range would be helpful, especially as leagues mature.

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I use it multiple ways including:

  1. Reminding myself which players a team has been interested before in the past
  2. Find out why a trade was rejected
  3. Look at trade from the past season
  4. Use search to find players that have been a part of trade rejections or specific team offer history in the trade rejection area

I often find myself wishing the trade history loaded per season instead of whole history. I do LOVE that I can see every transaction for a player and seek a whole history I just wish I could load the whole history when I want to instead of waiting for it to load everytime.

Also, I’d hope to be able to still use search effectively, as in I’d still want to be able to search for specific teams and players easily. However, a load more to load more data wouldn’t be a hindrance at all especially if the tradeoff would be a faster load time when I enter the page.

Thanks for always seeking feedback, I really enjoy the product! :slight_smile:

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