Spots Available in league 791, $250 FGPts, Hyper-competitive - Dispersal Draft!

Three teams available in league 791, the original $250 FGPts league. 2024 will be our 8th season. It’s a good opportunity to co-own for those interested - we’ve had numerous co-owners since inception. It’s one of the most competitive leagues in Ottoneu - very little surplus floating around for an 8th year league. Consistently among the top leagues in total points scored. The available rosters are below - two are mid-tier, and one is more of a rebuild.

Update: once the 3 new owners are found, the players on the available rosters will be pooled, and there will be a snake draft for new owners to choose their own players from the pool.

I’m interested, but I’m looking for a league that does a slow draft rather than live drafts.

This will be a slow draft of the 3 available rosters.