Start draft button won't let us draft

Hi there,

We had a draft scheduled for 1:00 PM EDT and the start draft button is not working. I tried refreshing, rescheduling the draft, etc. but it still does not work. I’m on chrome.

As a result we might need to change our draft but the league has already gathered making it frustrating to reschedule. Appreciate the help!


I’ll take a look asap, sorry about this. Will reach out directly via email this afternoon.

Thank you so much. I apologize for bothering you in like 10 different ways. I know its the weekend so thanks again

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It’s ok, definitely understand the trouble of scheduling a draft. Huge apologies for the site issue and I am investigating.

No worries just keep me posted, thanks again

I’ve pushed out a potential fix. Let me know if you are able to get your draft started.

We are in the draft but not able to nominate players

I believe these issues are resolved, mostly because I see a draft has been running successfully for 8 minutes. Please let me know if you run into any other issues. I really appreciate the patience today.