Start-Up $49.99 5x5 League looking for Owners

I just created a league called The Show. Its a 5x5 Auction Draft that will make weekly lineup changes. I have set the draft date for 3/24 at 10 am et. I can change the time to meet the needs of the league if I need to though. This league is perfect for those of you that are looking to get a fresh start in Ottoneu and not have to pick up a team that was assembled by someone else. My email is so if you have any questions feel free to email me as well. Hope I can get some folks to join and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Blake Stewart

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I may be off base but IMO you may have a tough time finding people looking to play in a weekly lineup league. The dedicated Otto people are highly involved which implies daily dedication.


I think there are different vectors to engage on - daily lineups is one vector, but focusing on player transactions and trades and kind of leaving the day to day behind is definitely another way to engage. Removing the busy work of setting lineups every day might be a pretty interesting way to engage with the player economy.

Obviously a little biased, and just my 2c

I agree with Niv, weekly lineups would be awfully appealing to someone like me that owns multiple ottoneu squads and loves auctions/trades/FA pickups but doesn’t really care for micromanaging lineup changes every single day. Weekly lineups would definitely change strategy and player values though.

You say ‘would’ as if weekly lineups are a hypothetical!

They are if no one in my leagues wants to use them!


I hope @bstew5 finds 11 people to join him. I was just trying to communicate that weekly lineups may lessen the number of those interested . Or maybe not since it could be a largely untapped market waiting to be exploited. I’ve just never seen it discussed much here or on Slack. Maybe it might be helpful to also post in #leagueswanted on Slack.

Edit: Looks like he started a daily lineup league anyway.

There are 10 of them out there, and I guess all of them have owners who are not too interested in Slack. Not to pre-judge or anything.

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I have changed the league to an allocation based arbitration system. We still need about 7 owners.

I would be interested, I don’t care whether it’s daily or weekly just you will use less starters in weekly format

Hey guys, check out this league if you’re still looking for $50 5x5. Still looking for a handful of owners.