Start-up League for Ottoneu Starters?

Just found out about Ottoneu earlier this year and managed to join a league just before playoffs, and while everyone has made me feel welcome and “rebuilding is my passion”, I feel like it would be nice to get a bunch of ottonewbies (1st and 2nd year players, maybe?) so that we can all tackle the learning curve together. Is that a thing? Can we make it one?

Anyone intested in joining and/or being commissioner, drop us a line and also let us know what kind of format you’d be interested in… I had thought about 12-team roto since I’ve never done the roto before, but I’m open to pretty much anything.


I would be interested. 5 x 5 would be my preference. Thanks!

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Ok, we’re up to 8 so far, 5x5 seems to be the preferred format. We’re definitely going with 12 teams.

I’m interested, too!

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Great, I’ll add you to the list. We’re up to 10 now. Can you dm me your email address?

Seems like the league has filled up. Thanks everyone for your response, we’ll soon have a new “ottoneubie” league up and running. I’ll update this thread if anything changes.

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