Starting a new Ottoneu Baseball league

Hey @all,

For those of you interested, I am starting a new FGPTS league that will start scoring after the All Star Break. Having played Ottoneu for the best part of 4 1/2 years I have played in all sorts of leagues, (coupons, no loans in trades) but I think this might be a concept that will do away with the aspects of Ottoneu that are for a lack of a better word, infuriating. It’s a $50 league. Somebody is going to take home some money.

  • Here’s the deal: It’s a redraft league.* Season ends, you cut everyone. Next year we draft again. Zero rebuilding. Build a winner, win or lose. This year is next year. So, I know, now you are asking yourselves but why would I join a 40 man roster league and not have prospects? Well, every year prospects do get called up. But for those A, and AA prospect hoarding types, this league will go with the 5MiLB system where all teams will be able to draft 5 minor leaguers and hold on to them outside the 40 man roster. The prospects in your 5MiLB list will carry over year after year.

  • No loans on trades. There’s a league currently doing that, and I found that the trades are the most creative of any league I have been in. You can trade equal $ value, you can absorb salary, you can drop salary. Just no loans. Half of the leagues I am in right now ended being competitive in May when a big trade with a massive loan included happened. That won’t happen in this league.

  • To get ready for the starting date, we will slow draft in couch managers. (I will set up the auction, and help everyone who hasn’t used the system before…but it’s pretty intuitive) To make the draft schedule fair for all in different time zones, the auctions will be taking place for 12 hours a day from 10am until 10pm EST. Owners will be able to nominate up to 10 players, who will be up for auction for 10 hours, and the style of the auction will be Ebay style - Clock ends, auction ends. Whoever bid the most wins.

So, I am starting this league. DM me if you have questions…I think it’s going to be fun, and having everyone compete out of the gate year after year should be refreshing, while also having the excitement of knowing one of your prospects might come up down the line and help you out: Here’s the link: (edited)

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Neat idea. Will be interested to track this league.

Here are the 5MiLB rules used in 530 for reference: 5MiLB Rules for Ottoneu Champions League