Starting an Expert's League and Looking for one Community Ringer

I am putting together an expert’s Ottoneu Fantasy Football league and I need one or maybe two community members to join this league. Current players in the league include:

Peter Schoenke (Rotowire)
Real Talk Raph (Rotoballer)
Scott Spratt (Sports Info Solutions)
Lawr Michaels (Mastersball)
Eric Karabell (ESPN)
Tristan Cockroft (ESPN)
John Halpin (Rotowire/various)
Howard “RotoBuzz Guy” Bender (Fantasy Alarm)

I’m still finalizing the last few participants, but as you can see, it is a very good crew so far. The Community Member spot will be a permanent one and the league has no fees.

If you’re interested in joining this league for the long haul, post your best ‘value’ from the Football Average Values list. Good luck!

Seth Walder (@BoSoxArsenal, ESPN Analytics) has been added to this league as well. The roster gets even stronger…

I’ll vote for Jordan Howard as the best value

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Despite a $69 average salary, David Johnson is the best value. He is a transcendent physical talent that also happens to be one of the last remaining bell cows in the NFL. Oh, and if you play in PPR he caught 80 passes on a ridiculous 120 total targets last year. DJ is so good that if you took ONLY his receiving stats last year, he would have been RB20 or WR33. His 407.9 PPR points last season were more than any RB/WR/TE has scored since LaDainian Tomlinson’s 31 TD season in 2006.

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I got THE Ted Lilly for a song

I regret sending you this link.

Michael Thomas at sub $20 in the Saints offense without Brandin Cooks I think will be looked back on as the best ‘value’ for 2017, although I’m only making that argument because Vibber already posted about David Johnson.


Ezekiel Elliott is the best value (by a big margin in a non-PPR format). Football is role- and environment-dependent, and he has the best role in the best environment. Fewer injury concerns than David Johnson, and the Cardinals offense is much riskier, with an aging and injury-prone Carson Palmer running it. Give me Zeke behind a historically good O-line, alongside 2 elite skill players in their prime, on an offense that should be even better than last year.

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Joe Mixon for $2.75 will be a steal, depends on whether or not you want to have to root for him.

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I’d have to say Marshawn Lynch is the best 2017 value given his avg price of $1 from this list. He’s the obvious heir to Latavius Murray’s goal line opportunities - Murray got 16 attempts within the 5 last year, and another 9 within the 10 resulting in 11 total TDs. So even if Marshawn doesn’t put up huge yardage numbers, he should have a high TD upside (think Blount from 2016). For that price and an RB2 floor, I don’t think you can do much better.


Terrelle Pryor at $16.06 will be a fine bit of value in my humble opinion.

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Danny Woodhead at 17.55…ravens are down an rb and could be cloudy at qb so they may dink and dunk their way through the year

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That six game suspension dings his value a bit!

Yeah, nevermind that! Nothing to see here, move along…

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Haha, I still like Zeke for that average salary even with the suspension, but it obviously puts a damper on things

Jay Ajayi at $27

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Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your responses! I’m going to go ahead and award two spots out of this league, to both @eamuscatuli and @bills217. DM me and I’ll get you guys set up.

I’ll do this a few more times going forward, so this isn’t your last chance to play Ottoneu games against experts.

Good luck to everyone this football season and down the stretch in baseball!

Interesting definition of ‘best’ value was used to determine the winners, I guess.

Yep, there’s no way to actually discern who made the right pick for ‘best value’, so I looked at who gave answers backed up with some interesting insight. Unfortunately there were only two spots to give out, or I would have given out way more (there were a lot of good answers!). I’ll try to do this again in the future.

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