Starting Pitching Points

Jack Leiter netting any positive points today for this line: 3.2 IP, 8 hits, 7 ERs, 3 BBs, 3 K’s (17.18 ERA), seems absurd to me.

I know that’s what the formula calculates but maybe that formula needs to be adjusted…


Thats less than 1 PT/IP. Thats not good…

He didnt give up any HRs. and ERs are irrelevant.

Definitely not good and read why “earned runs are irrelevant” but that WHIP, the hard contact and yes the runs, they’re all certainly relevant to what happened in the game…and not all fielding independent (a lot was pitcher dependent, though he didn’t have great help from Leody Taveras)

What is the point of this post? Just to troll? I dont get it. IF you dont like points leagues dont do points leagues

Im just saying the results on the field (bad) are reflected in the points (bad). It definitely would have been a waste of 3.2 innings if you started him…which i nearly did…ha

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your post is to troll. my post is to get a conversation started about pitching/scoring. How “runs” are a big deal for hitters (not RBIs) and yet “runs” are discounted for pitching as if they have no impact on run control

And, btw, the context for my leagues are H-to-H, 10 starts (which would be a wasted start) and no limit starts (which added value without penalty, albeit minimal, but, where I’d like to see a negative point total for a line like that)

Points are based on linear weights. They won’t be changing. I would recommend learning a bit more about linear weights.


Big deal for hitters meaning you think they should count for hitters? The only scoring system option that gives hitters run points also factor in pitcher ERA. Runs not counting for either seems the most logical for me, but it is slightly discounted for the pitcher since two triples have the same point consequence as two singles and QS/W/L/BS aren’t factored in to potentially ding him on that end. The only potential hole for me is that - two pitchers can have the same scoring stat line but one let in 3 runs while the other let up 0. Or how letting up a single homerun costs you more points than letting up 5 triples/doubles etc.

Relievers have a minor factor but its too iffy since they would only be giving up points there if they blew a hold or save situation. So since we don’t factor the extended batter performance on how they hit and we don’t factor in any QS/W/L/BS/ERA and use raw hits with a major lopsided consequence for HRs then I can see your point for something potentially missing. Anything can happen in a single game but I’d be interested to see how much it would change things when applied to a full season. My initial thought is that it likely balances out pretty well already and would have a sub 10% variance on scoring if it was somehow included

One of the only things for me that seems overwhelmingly logical on scoring is including pick offs. Taking a big base lead and getting thrown out has the same consequences and motivations. One failed to make it to the next base and one failed to make it back to base, but he was never required or forced to take a lead. It actually is lopsided towards getting picked off being less valuable than CS. Failure in each results in an out, but only success in stealing actually provides a team benefit.

So getting picked off has the risk and consequence (within the game) as stealing but without any potential upside. There might even be room for conversation on getting picked having a steeper point consequence than CS to be honest (3.2 vs 2.8 or something). Getting picked off should 200% count against batters haha