Startup $100 5x5 with 10 MiLB Rosters

Come join the Best Damn 5x5 Dynasty Period in its inaugural 2019 season!

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Review the League Constitution and FAQ here.

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Can we add minor leaguers to the 40 man roster at any time? Or are they only able to be added to the 10 man roster(during one of the 2 snake drafts or through trade)?

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the inquiry! You can add an undrafted minor leaguer to your 40 man at any time, but there’s no way to transfer him from the 40 man roster to the 10 man roster.

So let’s say that last year I decided that I wanted to add Danny Jansen because Toronto was just about to call him up (assume that he wasn’t on anyone’s 40 or 10 man rosters). Then I could start an auction for him and, if I won the auction, add him to my 40 man roster. It would make sense since his promotion to the majors was imminent.

But let’s say I also wanted to get Malcom Nunez (STL Rookie-level 3B who had a monster 2018). I could add him to my 40 man, but if I did than the player would be subject to arbitration and he’d take up a 40 man roster spot. In that case, it probably makes more sense to wait until the next snake draft.

Hope that answers your question. Please let me know if you have any more.

How many members so far ?

League was just created last night, so still 11 spots open.

Do players on 10-man MiLB roster still show up in Ottoneu as free agents? How do league members monitor what players are still available?

Great question. Ottoneu has a “Restricted List” where players placed on it cannot be added to rosters. So what I’ll do is following each draft pick, I’ll add the player to the Restricted List so that teams will know who is off the board and cannot inadvertently start a FA auction on a player who is on one of the 10 MiLB Rosters.

Hope you join up!

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Just joined, looks like fun. Bumping this so hopefully we can get some more interest

Walt is there any possibility we could add something to the league constitution to encourage participation? Maybe as simple as a requirement that each team must log in at least once a week or so? Would be pretty easy to check as Ottoneu already shows the last time a team was online.

Glad to have you aboard!

We could, although I’m not sure how enforceable it would be (i.e., would we replace a guy midseason because he didn’t check in for a week?). I’m also sympathetic to the fact that life happens (e.g., last year our daughter spent the first week or so in the NICU after being born in mid-June and I didn’t actively manage my teams at the time–probably cost me a H2H championship, but my attention had to elsewhere during that time). But I do agree that we need to do what we can to prevent zombie teams, because that just ruins it for everyone.

We will have the supplemental MiLB draft at the All Star Break, which will be a good chance to evaluate at the mid-season who is and isn’t interested in continuing to participate. An upcoming draft will be a good time to recruit any replacement owners since it would give them an opportunity to re-invent a roster. So what if we did a check-in in early June and try to cull any zombie teams at that point? And then we’ll do it again before arbitration.

Hopefully this conversation will be moot. It looks like we have a great group (6 out of 12 signups thus far). Thanks again for signing up.

It seems to be a challenge for every type of fantasy league. I’m ok with trade offers and messages being ignored, as long as the owner is active in other ways. I’m ok with a midsession check in though, just would have to have most/all teams agree that they will be abandoned at that point unless some sort of minimum threshold for participation is met. I leave it up to you, I just was hoping that we could have some sort of incentive for participation. Looking forward to the league, hopefully we can get it filled soon.

Gonna start bumping this daily until the league is full.

Hey Walt,

I recently joined the league, sounds like a lot of fun. I had a question about the minor league roster process. What happens if a minor league player is drafted at the auction, and then the owners subsequently cuts them? Would they be eligible to be added to someone else’s minor league roster? Would this simply be fastest fingers, or a waiver process? And, would the salary cap penalty to the cutting owner go away?

Edit: It appears this is covered by the section, “a player may only be added to the minor league roster through the minor league draft”. But, it would still be possible to have a prospect with a salary cap penalty get drafted in the July MiLB draft.


I’m interested in this league as my current Ottoneu league is about to dissolve. How do you plan on making sure no one signs a minor leaguer on a 10 man MiLB roster through the Ottoneu FA process?

Also, is the main draft locked into the 3/8 date or are you waiting to fill the league to determine the date?

As mentioned a couple posts above, Ottoneu’s restricted list should make it easy to avoid adding other players minor leaguers.

Oh, interesting. Let me know about the draft date. This league sounds great, but I’ll be in AZ for some Spring Training for the weekend of 3/8

Good afternoon,

Glad to have you aboard!

Right, you can add to the MiLB Roster only during the two annual MiLB drafts (March and July). You can cut a player at any point, but it probably only makes sense to do that prior to the draft since there’s no advantage to cutting a player before then.

If a minor leaguer is drafted onto the 40 man roster but then cut, he is eligible to be added to a MiLB roster at the next draft. Any minor leaguer who is ROY eligible can be selected in the MiLB Draft provided that he’s no on anyone’s 40 man roster. There is no salary associated with a player on the MiLB Roster (even though he previously had a salary while on the 40 man roster) and he would be exempt from salary arbitration for as long as he’s on the MiLB Roster. If/when he’s added back to the 40 man roster, then he’ll have a salary, be subject to arbitration in the next off-season, etc.

For example, say I win Chris Shaw for $1 at the 40 man auction in early March. But then I cut him in May. Provided he hasn’t exhausted ROY eligibility, then you’re free to draft him in the July MiLB draft. But you’d have to add him to your 40 man roster if/when he exhausts ROY eligibility (he has 54 AB, so it would just take 76 AB in 2019 for him to no longer be eligible for the MiLB roster).

I hadn’t considered what would happen to a salary penalty in that case. I think that it probably makes most sense to have the salary penalty be eliminated when Shaw is added to the MiLB roster, which is possible via manual adjustment using the commissioner tools. But I’m interested to hear other opinions on the issue.

Good afternoon,

We’ll use Ottoneu’s restricted list to keep players from the MiLB roster being added to the 40 man roster. It will be my responsibility to make sure that this is constantly updated. That’s part of why you can only add to the MiLB Roster on two draft days a year–it would be very challenging logistically to try to keep up if moves were allowed at any time.

In terms of the draft date, I’m not sure whether it’s moveable. When people sign up for the league, they are relying on the draft date. I tried to make it as clear as possible that the 40 man draft will occur over two days (evening of 03/08/19 and afternoon of 03/09/19) and then the MiLB Draft would occur asynchronously via Slack or similar medium following that. The reason is that many people signing up for dynasty leagues participate in multiple leagues and that can create scheduling inflexibility in March (plus non-fantasy baseball obligations, of course). I’m not totally opposed to changing the draft date/time if doing so is unanimous and I’ll be as flexible as possible with my own availability, but in my experience it is very difficult to find a time slot that works for everyone after an initial draft date is set.

Thanks for the info Walt.

If you guys end up needing someone and the draft date changes off that weekend, please let me know! Sounds like a fun league and a good cure for my prospect addiction.

I think it makes sense to have the salary go away, because if there was someone for example like Jesus Luzardo who went for $6 at auction and had an arm injury causing him to be cut, he’d be attractive to stash on the milb list, but if he wasn’t, the original owner could keep adding and cutting him to bring down his cap penalty.