Stat adjustments/ vlad sb

Niv is there a record of stat adjustments? Vlad Jr. had a sb 7/27(it still shows in the “today’s stats” page) but it doesn’t show in his season line. I believe brusdar Graterol has lost a win as well

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. does not have a SB this season. It wasn’t an official scoring adjustment, he just didn’t have a SB in that game and his stat line for 7/27 will be adjusted accordingly.

As far as I can tell, Graterol does not have a win this season. His stat line will also be adjusted accordingly.

We seem to have a SB for Guerrero on 7/26, but this is incorrect and will be adjusted.

We seem to have a W for Graterol on 7/28, but this is incorrect and he should have a hold.

Stats will be re-run to catch any other changes, and generally on Sundays we will be re-calculating stats for the past week going forward.

Thanks! I probably wouldn’t have even noticed but vlad doesn’t seem like the speedy type. For a minute I thought I imagined it. Thanks as always!

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Stats should be updated with these corrections and any others from the past 2 weeks now. Going forward, we’ll be more vigilant about checking for stat corrections and updating the site as soon as we can.