Stat Correction?

A quick question on stats re: holds.

Does anyone know why Juan Nicasio did not receive credit for an ottoneu hold on 4/26 vs. CHC?

According to MLB . com and The Disney Network, LeBlanc got the W and Nicasio a hold (along with Rivero, Hudson). CBS does not give Nicasio a hold.

Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong spot, i was unsure where to put this thread.

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“The Disney Network”, very nice.

We use FanGraphs as our scoring source, and they currently don’t have Nicasio getting a H on 4/26. It could be because he came in in the 4th inning with 2 outs (based on the box score), but it might be a mistake from FanGraphs’s stats provider.

Reading further about holds (a healthy Sunday morning activity), it seems pretty straightforward that Nicasio, Rivero and Hudson all deserve holds for the game on 4/26, so I’ll see if we can get an update from our stats provider.