Stats for debuting players

Hey Niv, Andy Pages was called up and is starting for the Dodgers tonight. Thanks!

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Andy Pages has been linked up

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Hey Niv, Jordan Beck and Joey Loperfido are both debuting today (and Tyler Black possibly as well). Beck is currently in lineup for the Rockies, with Loperfido expected to start as well for the Astros.




These guys are now all linked up.

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Christian Scott, SP, NYM, was called up and is expected to start tonight @TBR. Thanks!

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Cade Povich, SP, BAL, has been called up and is scheduled to debut @TOR today.

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Hey Niv. We’re not seeing points for Amador that he accumulated in his debut today.

Adael Amador has been linked up and his stats should be coming through shortly.

Hey Niv, please link up tonight’s starter for the Brewers, Carlos Rodriguez, SP

Carlos Rodriguez and Drew Thorpe (SP, CHW) have been linked up

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