Stats for debuting players

I noticed last year a number of instances where players who made their MLB debut did not have their stats updating in the standings page. I’d email Niv and he’d fix/update fairly quickly. So with Amir Garrett’s debut last night, I noticed the same issue this morning. Niv has already updated, but wanted to post here in case any other person noticed the discrepancy this morning. Again, it has been resolved for Garrett, but beware for others making their MLB debut.


Same thing with Joe Jimenez today. I emailed Niv. He said we should post such cases here and not email him about them. Jimenez has his stats for today now

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Thanks @rocco034

Please use this thread if you see other issues with debuting players - it saves my inbox and lets me spend more time addressing issues instead of sending lots of email replies!

Hello. I notice Amed Rosario for the Mets falls into this category. Thanks.

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Thanks, should be fixed shortly!

Hi - Banda did not update last night as well.

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had the same issue with Banda as well last night (8/5/17) vs. the Giants

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Anthony Banda should have his stats shortly.

curious, how do I confirm that Banda’s points went through? When I go to stats for 8/4 for my team it still shows “No Results” for Banda. Sorry if I’m pestering, but it’s a helluva tight race in our league this year.

Shoot me an email with your team and league information and I’ll look into this.

Stats not getting counted…

Previous post is re: Brandon Woodruff

Brandon Woodruff’s stats are counting. If he’s not counting for your team, please send me an email ( with your team information and league information and I will be happy to look into it.

Rhys Hoskins still hasnt had his stats updated. Says he’s still in AAA.

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Rhys Hoskins should be fixed shortly!

Hello. I kindly request Dominic Smith for the Mets to be included. thanks.

Dominic Smith should be fixed shortly!

Hello. Another kind request for Ryan McMahon of the Rockies. Thanks!

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Ryan McMahon should be fixed shortly

Mitch Garver’s 2nd MLB game. His stats are still not counting yet. Can this get fixed?

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Mitch Garver should be fixed shortly!