Stats for debuting players


Awesome, thanks!


Looks like Tyler Mahle has been called up and is starting today.


Tyler Mahle stats should be up shortly.


Jack Flaherty is making his debut tomorrow for the Cardinals.


Jack Flaherty’s stats are not updating

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Check out max fried please. His stats don’t populate, he shows up in minors, he doesn’t show when he’s starting, And you don’t get credit for any of his points I believe. Can you fix? He’s wearing big boy pants now. Thanks


Max Fried should be fixed. Jack Flaherty was also fixed.


J.P. Crawford - starting tonight for the Phillies


Miguel Andujar - still shows as AA


Was Miguel Andujar called up? He debuted in June without any issue, so this is not the right thread to bring him up.


my bad - Andujar hasn’t been called up yet


Forgot to mention this but J.P. Crawford is all set.


Hello. It looks like Walker Buehlers stats did not get counted yesterday.


Already fixed - thank you


It looks like Luiz Gohara’s stats did not get counted from Wednesday.


This should be fixed soon.


There are still no stats in my league for Gohara’s debut on 2017-09-06.


Thank you so much for following up. I am currently investigating this.


This should be fixed now.


Niv, thank you so much for fixing it.