Stats for debuting players


I’m not sure if this applies to this thread, but JT Realmuto’s stats haven’t been registering in the “today’s stats” page.


Could it be possible that you have reached the max games played for your catcher position?


Ronald Acuna still showing AAA and stats aren’t appearing yet. I know he just got the call today.
thanks Niv


Interesting! My lineup also insists that he wasn’t in the lineup for his game (red x), but I still played him. But no stats accumulation for league 934 either.


Ronald Acuna should be updated shortly. He would have auto-updated earlier, but we have his dad in the database and the system wasn’t sure which Ronald Acuna was which.

UPDATE Ronald Acuna’s stats should be showing everywhere now.


Nicholas Kingham’s start doesn’t appear to happen have made it into the books. Also of interest here, he shows as active in my “today’s stats,” but disappeared from my April 29 “lineups” page altogether, so that was weird too.
Thanks in advance and will keep an eye out for your response!


Kingham should be fixed shortly for all teams that started him at SP yesterday.


Excellent! The few of us who started him are much appreciative. Thanks again!


When should we expect Soroka’s statistics to upload into the website for tonight’s start?


Mike Soroka’s stats should be updated shortly for most teams. I’m working with our data provider to be snappier on these debuts.


When will Fernando Romero’s debut stats post?


They should shortly, I’m working on him right now. Thanks!

UPDATE: Fernando Romero’s stats should be appearing now


Just a heads up, Austin Meadows is debuting tonight. He’s in the starting line-up.


Shane Bieber stats for the start tonight are not showing up. It was showing him as starting earlier in the day but it looks like it has since removed him from the start.


This will fix itself in the next few minutes.


So I moved Dennis Santana to an RP spot knowing he would not start the game last night, but I still have not seen points come through. Is there any reason or timeframe in which I should expect them to?


His stats are included in standings, but debut stats may not show up properly on the Today’s Stats page. I’m looking into it.

UPDATE I was wrong, this was a bug. Thanks for pointing it out, it should be fixed shortly. In general if you aren’t seeing stats by 10am the morning after a debut, something has gone wrong.


Hi @nivshah. Something is odd with Enyel De Los Santos. He is playing right now against the Mets. But, his player page doesn’t have a team…so while I have him in an SP slot, it doesn’t recognize him as actually playing.

Thanks. Please ignore this message if he ends up really sucking.


Thanks for the head’s up! He should lock in the next 5 minutes or so.


@nivshah Not sure this is the correct place to put this, but I don’t believe I received points for starting Jacob Nix on Friday. League 513, team Graves Disease Sponsored by Fanduel