Stats for debuting players


Yep this is perfect. I just got an email about it as well. I’m investigating!


Jacob Nix’s debut stats should be counted now.


Touki Toussaint made his debut today for the Braves, but I don’t think I received points for starting him. Thanks.


His stats should show up in the next 30 minutes or so.

UPDATE Took longer than expected but Toussaint’s debut stats are in the system now.


Yesterday night it was the time for Danny Jensen. He’s on my roster but no one of his 8.20 pts are counted for my team. Thanks.


Danny Jansen should be fixed shortly.


Heads up Niv, Stephen Gonzalves debuts for the Twins tonight.


Hi Niv Kopeck made his debut last night and will need to have his stats added. Thanks in advance


Stephen Gonsalves’s debut was handled yesterday morning thanks to this head’s up.


Michael Kopech’s debut stats should be reflected on the site now.


Thanks for the help!!


Probably will be seeing the same with Luis Urias tonight. Noticed lineups out and he is listed as out tonight on the site.



Luis Urias is now correctly showing as starting tonight


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In League 153, I used Josh James in his first big league start, and it now shows his points in the Today breakdown for Sept 1. However, he still shows as 0.00 for the In Lineup breakdown.


This should be fixed shortly.