Stats for debuting players

I’ve never heard of such a thing. There is no other site on the planet that would wrongly remove a player from your lineup, let alone not offer a method to rectify it. This will go down in the history books if i lose a title because this.

You should feel free to stop using auto-bench.

Auto bench is for players not in starting lineup or double headers. Not for site mistakes. I’ll just try to get my league on board with counting these stats off line. Right is right.

Auto bench is for automatically benching players with a red X on the lineups page, which, as you see throughout this five year old thread, happens for debuting players if they’re not called out ahead of time… if you use auto bench (a tool no other platform provides) you’ve likely gained dozens of games from being able to slot in players due to not making the change yourself before lineups lock.

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Shoot, I almost posted about Vargas’ promotion in the debut player thread but got distracted and didn’t do it.

It’s frustrating. But at the end of the season, 5-10 points or whatever he winds up with on the night probably isn’t going to make or break your season.

Most leagues don’t have games limit, so
Auto bench is a moot point. You leave guys in lineup with zero downside. In this format, there is downside for having a game played with a pinch hit. Auto bench is a great tool for this format. But i don’t really see the connection between that and the site falsely removing a player that was in fact in the starting lineup. A site screw up, not an owner screw up. Most sites, if not all, have retro-active abilities for issues. I don’t want to upset Ott stans. We can agree to disagree. There is nothing that will convince me i made a mistake. The site did. My options are to eat it or see if my league-mates agree with me.

I agree with that, what are the odds this costs me a title. But just in case, i’m going to make my argument to my league. One never knows