Stats for teams that are frozen due to not paying for Ottoneu

We had an owner not renew his team in time for the season to start, hence, his roto standings is at 0.

If he pays, will he collect stats from yesterday?

Or if we replace him with a new owner, will they be able to collect the stats?

If they never set a lineup, there isn’t a way to get those stats. Going forward they should not have a problem if they renew ASAP.

He had a line-up set, it is just reading as 0.0 in the standings.

If he pays today, will it collect the stats from yesterday?

Oh right, when teams have not paid they are frozen and get no stats. In general we do not give retroactive stats, but we can in this case since it is just one day. You’ll have to let me know if they renew, since I’ll have to trigger the site to re-run that team’s stats from yesterday.