Stats for Tyler Mahle 2019-05-07

Stats for Tyler Mahle in yesterday’s game are not counted on my “Live Update” and standings.
The match was postponed but stats for A’s players (i.e. Piscotty) are on “Live Update”.
I’m worried.

I see the same thing, but only in leagues where Mahle was in my starting lineup. In leagues I left him on the bench, the points show correctly.

The game was delayed, not postponed, so his stats should show up. I’m investigating

Now stats are up-to-date.

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I think it had something to do with the delayed start time. We try to lock pitchers as starting once they actually throw the first pitch of the game. If he threw his first pitch after midnight ET, I’m guessing the system didn’t account for it properly. As @fanana mentioned, this issue should be fixed across all leagues now.