Stats in Game 1 Toronto v. Boston 07/28/2021

Stats for Toronto v. Boston Game 1 were up, but have now disappeared. Stats for Game 2 are appearing.

Will check this out in the next hour.

Thanks Niv

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Should be fixed shortly

Cool. Thx.

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Continuing to investigate this game.

Our data provider is totally missing stats for this game:

We’re continuing to investigate. My guess is it will be fixed between 4 and 5 am ET, which should be plenty of time for OPL to get these stats, etc.

Game 2 per our data provider is correct:

But Game 1 seems to have the same lineups and pitchers as Game 2 per our provider so hopefully they will address that soon!

Stats are now appearing for both these games and should be showing up in both Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and Ottoneu Prestige League.

The score for Game 1 is still incorrect and I’m working with FanGraphs on a solution.

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Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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