Stats not being recorded for Gonsolin and Gonzalez on 7/1

One of the owners in League 207 rostered Tony Gonsolin and Victor Gonzalez on 7/1 and they were not credited with points. Has anyone else experienced that issue? Any reason they would not register points?

Thanks in advance -Commissioner for league 207

Were they used in the correct pitching roles?

Dodgers swapped Gonsolin to follower and Gonzalez to starter relatively late in the day. The team in question used both pitchers in the wrong role.

In the future please give a bit more info (team names) and be clear about the scope (pitchers who are dependent on role). Makes it easier for me to check out what’s up.

Will do. Thanks for your response.

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Yeah of course. I guess the Dodgers did change their mind pretty close to game time on who was in what role so this seems pretty unlucky!

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