Still 1 Opening left..Startup $100 5x5 Heavy Lumber League

Looking to fill this league need 1 more…

…I’m trying to startup a $100 Old School 5x5 and have 3 teams, too, including my own. How are you doing on filling it up? Maybe we might be able to try to combine for a full league, if interested. Those in my league are looking for something with active owners interested in keeping this going for years to come.

Keep me posted, thanks!

Hi, we have 4 so far we also are playing long term, from scratch would love it if you joined us


we are Heavy Lumber League

Have you decided if you want to come join our league?

2 interested here …do you know when your draft is ? Long term players with 20 years experience each …

draft is sat march 16th 4pm

I’ll ask the others in my league…let you know. I think we’ve got 3 so far including myself.

ok cool, if you did have 3 that would leave 3 more openings

Heavy is it an all day draft on the 16th? Interested but I have two drafts on SUN the 17.

It starts at 4 until its done hopefully 4 to 6hrs

Hey onearm I would like to join your league if you still have spots open. I am good with draft date and time too for a draft that goes until completion


Great, feel free to sign up on the signup page

Good luck on that …start up leagues usually take about 8 hours

we have a $100 dollar startup keeper league doing a slow draft …kinda like an ebay auction. should be real interesting …need a few more teams …like 5.

How does the slow draft work?

I think a lot of people doing slow auctions are using Couch Managers to manage:

You check in and bid and if no one bids on a player within 8 hours or so, that player’s auction closes. Many player auctions running at once, it looks like. I haven’t participated in one but I know a few people who swear by it.

Yes, so what I am told is each owner nominates 3 players, so there will be 36 auctions going on starting with a 12 hour timer. Once someone ups the bid the timer goes to eight hours. A lot more strategy with your cap is involved.