Super Utility Players: Dietrich vs. Profar

I currently own Dietrich ($3) and Profar ($5). Both of these guys seem valuable to me - mostly due to position flex, with Profar eligible at every offensive position and Dietrich eligible at all but SS - but I’m not sure which one to keep … or if I should keep both … or neither. They’d both be bench players for my team. I’m in a 12-team ottoneu points league. Thanks!

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep Dietrich at $7 in a 4x4 league. I put a little more value into positional eligibility because the added flexibility is incredibly useful in a daily format for me.

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Can be comfortable keeping both Profar and Dietrich at those prices. I don’t have high expectations for either, but if your team is set to compete and you factor in how important it is to hit the game caps by season’s end, there’s good value in having players like Profar you can spot start all over the diamond.


Thanks! Any educated guesses on how Profar might fit in/perform with the Rangers this season? He’s intriguing because of his recent status as a highly-ranked prospect, but the Rangers don’t seem intent on using him a ton.

There is a rumor that Tampa is interested in Profar. He’d probably be a utility guy there also.

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