Support for no loans and loan maximums


I’m in two leagues with rules that limit loans. One makes loans illegal, and the other limits net outgoing loans for any team to $50 ($350 cap floor).

It would be nice to have some official support for these types of rules. First, an option to disable loans, and second, an option to set a salary cap minimum, where if a team goes below that minimum, they enter an illegal state.



I agree here with David. As add ins like this become more prevalent the ability to set these parameters inside the system would be extremely helpful.



I’m in the first 20 team ottoneu league, and as we discuss competitive balance I had a thought. Is it possible to either limit loans say a max salary including loans of $425 or not allow them post auction until, let’s say, the end of May or something. My thought is this could potentially help keep someone from dumping a bunch of talented players for a cheap prospect a month into the season.



I agree that would be an awesome function to add.



My first instinctive reaction is to agree, because special options can make a league unique, which can be a selling point for people who dislike something in the standard settings or want to try something new. However,there is something special about Ottoneu’s unique economy and I would want to have a clear label for “standard” Otto leagues, to make comparison possible across the Ottoverse. For example, I would want in my standard FGP league to be able to see average salary across just the standard FGP leagues.

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Could someone make an argument as to why no-loans leagues and loan minimum leagues are good? Just for the sake of posterity, if nothing else.

There may be an argument for a global loan limit lurking out there.



It seems to be the common reactionary response when people don’t like the prospect heavy side of a swap for star players.

Personally I think it limits potential strategies and would dramatically decrease trading in most Ottoneu leagues. How does an owner who screwed up their player valuations while drafting, move those flawed assets to rebuild?



I agree with Leif that standard Ottoneu leagues experience this reactionary response. However, the two main arguments I’ve seen for special rules is that tanking should only be allowed after you’ve tried to win and failed (e.g, the no loans before end of May version above), or that tanking with loans allows those who trade prospects for stars to dominate a league at the expense of those who draft well. The second version seems like a misunderstanding of Ottoneu or a wish for something like Ottoneu but without the free-wheeling trade economy. If you want to accommodate that wish, I hope you will label standard vs non-standard, so player values can be differentiated.

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I’ve never heard of “no loans before June 1” but that sounds kind of neat.



Right. To acquire stars with prospects requires that that team have accumulated those prospects to trade in the first place, most likely via the draft. As with all commodities, there are two types of values: use value and exchange value. And then that’s compounded by a temporal dimension. “Draft(ing) well” requires a balance between the two types of value that is aligned with your current set of competitive goals. Maximizing across those dimensions subject to multiple constraints is the whole point of Ottoneu.

For example, if I drafted a $1 Royce Lewis last year and then trade him midseason for a $20 (or whatever) Zack Greinke with the goal of winning that year, then I’ve drafted well (even if I cut Greinke in the off-season). Or at least better than the guy who spent his $1 on Derek Holland instead of a prospect and then complains about loan trades year-after-year where he consistently finishes in 5th place. Now Holland had a very good year last year and yielded a high ROI, but I’d still rather have the prospect who can net me a half-season of Greinke midseason.

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The biggest benefit of no loans is that it prevents a team from buying a win at the deadline and also prevents a team from a complete firesale.

While you would think it’s harder to rebuild and trade, that has not really been the case in our no loan and limited loan leagues. Cutting players that aren’t worth their salaries is much more common. Free cash becomes a serious asset. Rosters just turn over in a different way.

When we started the league, it was a calculated decision rather than a reactionary one. After 3 seasons, it’s now my favorite way to play Ottoneu.

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