Switching easily between Today's Stats and Standings

This one is pretty minor, but when Im on the “todays stats” page, and want to go to “standings” (which is something Ill click back and forth alot), you need to do 2 clicks (league, then standings). Id save a couple seconds each time if Standings was available directly from the Todays stats page

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I actually saw this in action last night when I was out with a friend of mine who is in a H2H league. This is a bug for head to head leagues and I’ll fix it in the next 30 minutes or so.

Consider this fixed!

Awesome! can you you fix it for regular (5x5) leagues too, not just H2H?

I was certain this was only affecting H2H, but let me check this out.

I definitely misread your initial request and assumed you were talking about the thing I was talking to my friend about the night before.

Looking into the actual request now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it makes more sense to make the Today’s Stats page load the League sub-menu, not the Team sub-menu as it was before. So I’ve made this change.

Look at this service! Imagine asking Yahoo for a website change and having it done 2 minutes later.