Taysom = NFL Ohtani

Need a refresher on position eligibility rules for ottoneu football. Like is there a chance Taysom eventually adds QB again or even RB? I was lucky to have ‘NFL Ohtani’ in my active lineup today (only because Kyle Pitts hasn’t quite ‘Revolutionized the TE position’ as hoped :grin:).

Last year there were changes midseason to positional eligibility (Cordarelle went from WR to RB, Juwan Johnson from WR to TE, know at a minimum those two) and it was generally around Week 4 I believe.

Which is to say it could happen but it’s up to the data provider per Niv. Would not be surprised to see him move to RB or QB at some point and lose TE.

EDIT: Went to find the post from last year and see that you actually started the topic haha. Position Change Football - #12 by walt526

He might be a legit superflex option in non superflex leagues.

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