Team category movement

Not sure if I gave the best subject title for this, but this is what I was wondering if was possible. You have the column at the end of the standings line that shows how many points your team has gone up or down during the day. Would it be possible to show with the up/down arrows what stat category effected the change? Did I gain/lose points in the saves category, ERA, runs, etc.? It may be to much to show how many points were lost/gained in the category, but an up/down arrow in the category just to show this was the area that affected my points. For me this would be helpful to see what stats I may need to adjust my lineups for or what areas I am losing ground in that I may need to trade for or hit the FA market to help.

This is probably I next year type idea with the trade deadline about to pass, but I wanted to throw this out there while I was thinking about it.

Thanks Niv and keep up the great work you are doing.


Is it possible to get the category you move up or down in each day highlighted to more easily determine where you gained or lost?

Forgot to reply to the original post other than the thumbs up, but definitely going to roll this out for roto leagues in the offseason.


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