Team Logos, Message Board Creativity

Humble request.

Ability to use uploaded team logos and the ability to post pictures/gifs in message board.


I actually like not having logos etc. No one wants to be loading these pages at work and having it be glaringly obvious that it isn’t a legit website because of an opponent’s logo. Help us rabid ottoneuers out

So what you’re saying is you need a boss mode button - makes ottoneu look like Microsoft Word (or excel) when you push it?


Could be commissioner determined? I think the option should at least be available.

I would really like this option. It probably raises a bunch of issues as to intellectual property and appropriate content, but I think a single postage-stamp image box for a team logo would be really sweet.

Relatedly, I’d like to pass my community avatar into Ottoneu proper.


Niv, anyway we can get some art work posted as an icon next to our name. My name of Kneel before Zod needs some art work to explain to all they will be conquered in 2018 fantasy season. In the past I have used upwork to have an icon made by a graphic designer for like $10-15 bucks…Any thoughts on the idea…


Team avatars are in the works, very, very slowly in the works.

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I am totally looking forward to this. I hope team avatar will support an uploaded image for complete creative control.

It’ll probably be Gravatar-tied support.

Giving “complete creative control” is my main hesitancy with team avatars - users can be abusive with this functionality, even (and especially) not purposefully, and Ottoneu remains a one person operation. I don’t think anyone wants me to spend all my time resolving issues around team avatar disagreements, as fun as team avatars may be.

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I get it. Gravatar allows you to upload an image from your hard drive, which is what I meant by creative control. That could lead to use of offensive images and will certainly lead to usage violations, which could mean you getting hit by DMCA notices.

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Any update on this request? Team logos would bring personality to the teams

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Good question. I’ve tinkered with this off and on but haven’t quite cracked how to get this interface right. What I’d like to do is allow you to pick from any Gravatar for any owner of a team, but the code has been a little tricky.

It’s a low priority thing right now ahead of the season starting, but should move up in priority if I need a distraction or once the season starts. I definitely do want to figure out a solution here.


I had a thought about team logos. There are obvious problems with allowing managers to upload images to Ottoneu. NSFW, Copyright.

So what if there was an extra, 1 character, logo field with color picker for foreground and background color, and a font picker (Google Fonts API). A team could pick a letter for their team, or cut and paste a UTF-8 symbol – like :snowman_with_snow: or :anchor:or :skull_and_crossbones:. Then, that “Logo” would be served up large, in the center of a square, on the team page.