Team Name on Restricted Player List

In checking out the Restricted Player List in League 32, some of the players are listed on a team name that has since changed. For example there are players that are on Kitty Got Wet’s team, but that team name no longer exists. It was changed before the season when a new owner took over and changed the name.

Those are notes that the commissioner sets and the commissioner can update them, by at the very worst removing and re-adding the player to the restricted list, as they see fit.

Hey @nivshah,

Nolan Gorman in league 32 is correctly on The Restricted List but he doesn’t show up on the individual player list. I’m trying to change the note on him in commish tools but he’s nowhere to be found. I’m stumped. Little help? Thanks

Whoa ok, let me check that out. Looks like you added him late last night?

Looks like some names were missing due to a caching bug, but they are appearing now.

Thanks Niv

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