Team NOT Participating

What do we do when a team is inexplicably not playing any of their players???

Have the commissioner email the owner. If they don’t respond after a day or two, abandon the team and replace them.

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Yeah people bail out of fantasy leagues all the time. Managers Wanted forum is very active, just look around on this site and you’ll see how easy it is to find a better manager.

Well isn’t there a difference between bailing out but at least having players that you continue to have in your starting lineup versus benching everybody

Maybe, but the actions should be the same: reach out to see what’s up and then replace them if they don’t respond in a day or two or indicate that they’re not interested in being in the league.

I’m always reluctant to replace someone, but afterwards usually wish that I had done it sooner. Especially in a H2H league.

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Not really, no. I mean they are both bad.

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The guy we’re talking about is my best friend and he’s being going through some stuff. He’s committed long term and has paid for this season. This is a dynasty league we’re talking about and he’s got some great young players. In order to be fair to every other owners i suggest he doesn’t make his lineup for the rest of the season but besides that this should be business as usual

One option in this situation would be to temporarily add a second owner who just sets lineups (i.e., no acquisitions or drops).

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I agree he shouldn’t start setting his roster at this point. He hasn’t beaten anyone yet (0-7) and hasn’t set his roster to date. Competing now, when he has skipped the first two months, would kinda be a dick move.

I don’t agree on crossing our fingers and counting on him for next year. Life aside, the rest of the league signed up to play a competitive format this season. I’ve yet to see an AWOL manager return to full participation, albeit they usually get replaced quickly.

At a minimum, if he is sticking around, he would need to be proactive during the offseason. i.e. his arbitration gets completed on day 1 (of arbitration) or he is replaced. No crossing fingers and hoping he completes keepers and makes the draft. He would need to be very very responsive.

Better yet, he could post on the league message board (where this is also being discussed) and let us know what his plan is…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…