Team pages and improvements to player pages

Today we’ve rolled out Ottoneu Prestige League team pages. You can visit any OPL team page by clicking on a team name on the leaderboards. For example here is the current overall leader:

This will show the snapshot for the current or selected round, points produced during that round, times the player made it into the OPL lineup, and points scored while in the OPL lineup for each team.

Additionally we’ve improved the player pages by adding the player’s status for all of the current user’s Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball leagues. This table includes the watchlist star so you can quickly add or remove players from your Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball watchlist.

These changes were borne out of good wishlist posts:

Both @JD15 and @faker get Genie badges.


As a note, if you want to see a team’s Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball team page in their home league, you can click their team name on their OPL team page.

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There seems to be an issue with pitcher points on the team pages and I’ll check it out tomorrow or Tuesday.

Could we please get a link to the OPL team pages from the OPL home page (currently need to go into Scores to access)?

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The team link on the OPL home page has been updated

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Awesome, looks great — thank you!

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I figured out what is going on here, will have a fix tonight or tomorrow

Pitcher points should now be accurate on team pages.