Team Points are inconsistent on the Today's Stats page

As games are being played, I often notice that the individual stats, starter stats and team totals (on the Today’s Stats page) are not in sync. The same issue happens across the dashboard and current standing totals.

Right now, for example, the Sunday night game just ended and one of my teams is “missing” 23.5 points when I look at the side bar on the Today’s Stats page, and 26.5 points when I look at the dashboard. What’s strange is that this team did not have any players in the night game, and all of the totals seemed to be correct and matching about 30-45 minutes ago.

It all seems to get solved not too long after the last game of the day or by the next morning, I just thought I’d bring it to the attention of tech support and newer otto players who might go to bed thinking they’ve won a close H2H matchup but wake up to an L :smile:

The Starter and Bench Totals and box score stats come from a different source than points, and points will lag behind from time to time.

I can’t read any of the numbers in the screenshot, so a text summary of what you saw on the starter totals vs the sidebar/top of the Today’s Stats page vs the dashboard would be helpful. The screenshots are just a little low res, sorry.

I enlarged the screenshots and replaced them in the post, it might read a little better now. But this is what they’re showing:

Today’s Stats page - Batter’s Totals: 82.50; Starter’s Totals: 134.20 (should add up to 216.70)
Today’s Stats page - sidebar: 193.2; top of the page: 193.2
Dashboard - CHG: ↑190.2

It all got sorted out within maybe 20-30 minutes from the end of last night’s game, just after my post.

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