Team Production Page from last year?

I’m new to ottoneu basketball (just claimed a team). I’m trying to figure out how much of my roster should be dedicated to guys who are actively getting NBA minutes vs. developmental guys.

The Team Production page from last year would be really helpful for understanding how many of my 25 guys can be expected to be in a lineup in a given week. It’s really different from baseball, where teams are playing almost every day, since NBA teams have a few games per week, spread out across the week. Is it possible to be able to see the Team Production page for the season that just ended?

Alternatively, just some rules of thumb around roster construction would be helpful (e.g. roster should consist of 3-4 C’s, 7-8 F’s, 8-10 G’s, and the rest developmental players.)

It should be showing last year’s until this season actually starts, so I’ll look into that.

This is all set.