Team Stats not Populating

@nivshah We have a team in our league, 674, who’s stats aren’t populating in the standings from yesterday. I’m not seeing an obvious reason why that would be. Anything we can do to get that fixed?

Which team? What page are you looking at where their stats aren’t showing?

Oh I found them, they really have no stats. Looking into it.

Uh… well the lineup page shows a lineup for them, but they didn’t actually set a lineup yesterday. Figuring that bug out.

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post.

I noticed they changed their team name, but I’m not sure when. I have no idea if that would affect anything but it’s the only obvious change I can see.

They didn’t set a lineup yesterday. They set a lineup for today, but not yesterday. So, no stats accrued, because everyone was on the bench.

Hmm. It showed a set line up before I posted, but now it’s not showing any players were even avaliable to set for the 29th?

No players are showing up because they didn’t visit the lineup page until today. When you visit the page, the system populates a bench-only lineup for you, but this owner didn’t even do that.

And like I said here:

the fact a lineup was ever showing up was a bug. It was showing today’s lineup for yesterday. I’ve fixed this bug.

Ah, understood. Sounds good, thanks for looking in to it!

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