Teams cannot nominate in football draft

Our league has multiple managers who cannot nominate players and keep getting skipped. I’ve tried toggling their lockout status and it doesn’t change anything!

We are hoping to keep going tonight but half the remaining teams can’t nom!

More info: our end of draft was ruined. Half the league couldn’t nominate and players who marked themselves as done would still have nominating cycles while managers who were wanting to nominate couldn’t do it.

I also can now not end our draft. I selected all managers as done and we are not able to go start auctions for FAs that are left. Also, it’s still showing that the draft room is open and managers could potentially log in and start bidding again.

Sorry I missed this. There’s a pretty simple fix when I’m around.

I can look into ending your draft, but I can also make it so your whole league can nominate again. Let me know which.

At this point everyone has logged off, ending the draft would be the only move for us now.

Ok, sorry about that.

For all football leagues, I’ve disabled “require nominations” since that seems to be consistently causing problems right now.


Your draft should be marked as completed

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That did seem to be the culprit. I tried turning off the setting and all kinds of other things through our multiple attempts to fix it but figured given that since none of that worked that we wouldn’t be able to fix it on our own.

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With the help of those of you who have reported issues with Require Nominations not working, I believe I have made a permanent fix for this issue.