Teams in my league missed arbitration are asking to allocate now

Three teams in one of my prize leagues missed the arbitration deadline and are asking to submit allocations manually now through the commissioner. Should this be allowed? Thanks.

I think so - keep/cut decisions are still a couple of months out and late participation beats no participation. Obviously paying attention on time would be better, but it’s better than completely disengaging.

If your league has had a number of trades, then the commissioner should take that into consideration.

I agree with Niv, but be sure to ask your league first. Could ruffle some feathers.

My personal opinion is that it’s much too late to make allocations now (assuming any trades have been made in your league). Owners have made decisions on trading or not trading certain players based on their current salaries, and adding arbitration now isn’t fair to those owners. The missing allocations should have been addressed before arbitration was over, or at the very least the following day.


Trade conversations do add a serious twist to this entire thing, and I am sympathetic to the idea that it might be too late. If any trades have actually happened, that might be a good threshold to say arbitration is super finalized.

Obviously it’s up to the league to decide, but I know if I had made trade decisions and then had further arbitration allocated to my players I could easily make the argument that I wouldn’t have made the trades I did.


agreed…it’s December after all…that’s not “missing” the deadline

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