Teams not competing when out of playoffs

So my league has a situation where a team that is definitely out of playoffs one week allows a player who is on a bye to stay on active roster and not bench him and next week another player who is doubtful and ruled out Of course he loses both games to a team who is hanging on to last playoff position. What are your suggestions? I just sent a message to entire league suggesting i might just drop out if not rectified What are your thoughts?

This is why I no longer play H2H baseball and would probably not play H2H football or basketball if there was a season-long option.

I don’t know of any easy solutions other than replace non-active owners. However, that can create its own set of challenges.

There have been some experiments with arbitration coupons and whatnot. Those were designed for baseball, although presumably they could be integrated into a football league. I think that I’d probably assign based simply on total points rather than record>total points. That would encourage owners who are planning on returning to stay active, although it doesn’t solve the problem of people who give up on the league and aren’t planning on returning.

@belkind How is “the league” supposed to rectify your situation?

This issue is present in ALL fantasy football leagues throughout history. Owners drop out and their lineups no longer get set. Even worse, other owners throw tantrums and leave, compounding the situation for those who stick around.

The only solution is actively managing team owners.

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Yeah this is a format- and scoring-agnostic problem. In Ottoneu, teams have to at least build towards the future instead of totally checking out, which I think is better than someone checking out of a single-season league.

The team dropped out of league after someone else in same position as I was in complained as well. Of course that screws up things bc his opponents now will have easy victories . I did not ask him to drop from league but just to compete more fairly. I guess his dropping from league says everything we need to know. I think I am done with H2H . Maybe a post by our creator to all commissioners suggesting what can be done or said by them to all owners who come into league or at beginning of season as a reminder of how to compete fairly and honestly would be helpful