Team's standings position on trade block

On the trade block, I think it would be useful to see what place the teams are in. So somewhere it could have 1st place or whatever. There’s plenty of real estate, but would probably fit well under the manager’s name.

I often go back and forth between tabs to look at standings and trade block.

I think this would be very helpful.

Don’t forget to vote for this if you want it.

I like the idea, there are a few additions that would make the trade feature even better! I have a similar post from a few weeks ago, but I didn’t think of adding the standings.

The current rank has been added to the trade block page with a link to the standings page.

Generally I think it is an OK thing to have a couple of tabs open when making decisions in Ottoneu. Getting all the relevant information (where ‘relevant’ differs from person to person) in one place is impossible, so it is ok and even good to flip between a couple of tabs. That’s kind of core to the game - there’s a ton of information out there. Which pieces and how much do you choose to bring to your decision making?

Current rank was short enough to not take up much real estate (esp on mobile) and offered a good opportunity to link back to the standings page for full context, so I think this is a good add.