The 2017 Fantasy Football season is complete!

The 2017 Ottoneu Fantasy Football season is complete. Congratulations to all the league winners!

Final standings have been stored and salary increases have been applied. Please review your league and let me know if you see any issues. Prizes will be delivered tomorrow for those leagues with prizes.

I know this season was a generally rocky one, and I’ve taken big steps with our data providers to ensure that future seasons do not have these kinds of problems. I really appreciate all of you who enjoy the game and format, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback.

Congratulations again! Good luck in 2018!

What about pending 24 hour auctions? Have those been cancelled?

They should complete on schedule - if any of them seem stuck, let me know.

But then those players won’t receive the $4 increases, right?

Ah yeah. I should have ended the season at midnight yesterday I think. Well, bid accordingly.

Since the cap restrictions went away (season’s over) I’m going to cancel all on-going auctions, since they technically started too late.

Members of my league (rightly) pointed out they could bid the max and immediately cut the player being auctioned in our league, so it didn’t make sense to let the auctions run to completion.

Prizes have been paid to 2017 league winners! Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Congrats again!