The tale of two Carson Smiths

It looks like somehow, Carson Smiths’ minor league time and major league time have been split into two players(?)

Caused some consternation in our draft

This seems to be an issue for a few players in the universe because of some shenanigans towards the end of last season. @yuencg mentioned to me that there are two Kenta Maeda’s as well.

These minor league versions (the ones with the higher ID) will be merged with the original versions and player transactions will be rolled back for those two players as necessary.

If anyone sees any other duped players, please let me know! They shouldn’t be cropping up going forward…

Carson Smith and Kenta Maeda have been merged

This issue came up for Hyun-Jin Ryu too and has been resolved.

This issue seems to have struck Kyle Barraclough, and I am working on resolving it ASAP.

I think I noticed it on Drew Smyly also.

Drew Smyly has been merged

I think Lazarito Armenteros (ID# 23664) and Lazaro Armenteros (ID# 33552) are the same player.

Good eye, he’s been merged.

I think Odor has two IDs - 18158 & 22416

You’re never going to believe this but there are two Rougned Odors… that are both on the Rangers or in their system… and both play 2B… and are both from Maracaibo, Venezuela… and are of course brothers.

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Wow, that is strange. Hopefully the owner(s) who added the younger Odor knows which one is on his team.

Looks like one owner is in for a surprise … Not much to do about this one though. Pretty crazy!

Reminds me of the Bob Newhart Show … “This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl.”

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