"There's no Tying in Baseball!"

Hello. I recommend the platform develops a stat-based way to break ties in points scoring.

Quick back story: Our league used to be 4x4 rotisserie without playoffs. Twice…yes, twice…we had a tie at first place at the end of the season, and we required some help from the fantastic customer service team/creator/owner/CEA (a for awesome) of ottoneu to dive deep into the stats and break the tie. We had to go into the ten-thousandths of WHIP or something to figure out who won. Then, our league deployed our own playoffs (with an assist from Excel) in the 4x4 format, and we ended up in a tie again (we had to break that one ourselves since we sort of went rogue with the playoffs on the side). Now, we’ve switched to H2H…and wouldn’t you know it, but last week we had a tie! You wouldn’t think fangraphs points down to the hundredths would create a tie after a full week of play, but alas…it happened.

So, since you cannot tie in real baseball, I wonder if the platform could benefit from preventing ties in fantasy baseball. For example, in the case of a tie, whoever had a higher IP breaks the tie. If still tied, whoever had more AB. If still tied, randomly pick a scoring category and compare the teams in that category. Continue until tie is broken.

I’m curious about other leagues. What do you think about ties? Have they happened in your league? This suggestion is absolutely not a knock on the platform, but I’m hoping a conversation starter to see what folks think about a codified system to account for these situations.

Thanks for reading.