Three Open Teams in Competitive $50 FGpts league (we are likely moving to H2H FGpts)

Three teams available. Teams were all pretty close last year. Team names are: Mad Dogs; Milk Was A Bad Joyce; and All-Star Finger Bangers. League link here:

I’d be interested in taking over Mad Dogs if it’s still available… let me know.

Yep all yours. I will assign you to the team tonight.

All star finger bangers?

All yours if you want it. We have officially moved to head to head. Just claim it under available teams if that works. Thanks!

great not sure how new to site so help?
how do pay?
what are payouts?

this is dynasty league no?

You can claim the team here:

Payout information is here:

Once you have a team, you’ll have to pay by their renewal date, which will be clear to you when you visit your User Dashboard

Thanks, Niv! And yes it is a dynasty league.

Hello it is asking for password to claim team?

Sorry about that. Password is fantasy2019

All paid how do find on here?

So all setup now Guys?

Yep you are all good. If you go to you should be able to see your team.