Tied bids in auctions

who/what perform this coin flip to decide who wins in the event of an auction tied bid? our commish says he has nothing to do with it. with no standings or draft order, who/what is determining who wins? what is the decision based on?

Last year it appeared that the nominator of the player won the tie. I could be wrong though. Maybe it was just a coincidence in the auctions that I was a part of that the nominator won by a ransom choice.

thx mulligan. not the case here. the person who nominated was not one of the high bids. anyone else?? thx in advance

A coin flip is a metaphor for a random number generator.

The first tiebreaker is the lower team in the standings
The second tiebreaker, in the case of no standings or two teams bidding the same amount and also tied in the standings, is the system randomly picking a team using a random number generator.


thank you nivshah!

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