Timing to cut players

During the season, if we cut a player we get half their value returned, unless someone picks them up. After the season, when we cut players, do we get half or full return then? I’m wondering whether to hold or cut players now, that I won’t be keeping next year.

You won’t be able to cut players from the end of the season until after arbitration (mid-November), but after then you will be able to cut players with no cap penalty. Also, any existing cap penalties are erased right at the end of the season.

I would suggest holding on to players for now - you should see who absorbs arbitration dollars / votes before making any cuts, and you should also consider if any of those players can be moved via trade before making cuts. There is no real reason to make cuts en masse until the end of January, close to the keeper deadline. Remember, there is no way to acquire players until the auction draft, so there’s no reason to clear out players unless you make an uneven trade.

Thanks, I appreciate the info. Mark

Totally agree with Niv - the Ottographs crew generally heavily recommends not making any cuts till close to the cut deadline. Never know what player you think is an obvious cut will actually come in handy in a trade with some other team who likes him.