'Today' Filter on the Lineups page


You can now filter stats on the Lineup page by ‘Today’. This page won’t update in real-time like the Today’s Stats page, but is another way of getting an overview of how your team is performing on a given day.

Credit to @Henry.Woodbury for the suggestion in this post:


I’ve fixed a couple of small bugs that was affecting this feature. If you are running into problems using this new lineup filter, please let me know.


This is great. I like that is stays on “today’s stats” when I click the link to previous day. Is there a way to have a calendar link to select any previous day and see the specific stats?


I would like to create a date picker widget that can be used on a few different pages (Today’s Stats, Lineups, Graphs, Standings) but it is very low priority. Maybe a Christmas Day-type of thing…