Today's stats tab doesn't reflect lineup changes 06/15/2018

513 league. Have cleared cache and tried a couple different browsers… been like this all day.

My bad, 100%. Should fix in the next 10mins

Thanks. Similar problem in 836 - granderson appears on bench in lineup page but not today’s stats.

Hey, this seems to be an unrelated bug. I’ll look into it.

Jose Miguel Fernandez didn’t have his stats attributed for tonight’s game.

I am not sure what this is based on - he has his stats showing on the Today’s Stats page.

Granderson still not showing on 6/15, but it’s okay because he didn’t play. Granderson IS showing on 6/16 when I put him in the lineup…

Yeah, the bug is this:

  1. Player (Granderson) was added via auction on 6/15
  2. Player’s position was not changed from Bench
  3. Site doesn’t recognize Granderson as being on team when showing stats on Today’s Stats

If you had moved Granderson out of the bench and back to the bench, he’d show up.

ah okay thanks for looking into it

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Going forward, the bug described above about Granderson and that affected all players added via in-season auction has been fixed.