Tom Brady in 2022

What’s the amount of $$$ you would spend in 2022 to keep a ‘retired’ Tom Brady on your roster in case he decides to come back:

A. Less than $10

B. Less than $20

C. More than $20

Very league situational but assuming non super flex, definitely A. Superflex, probably B.

If I had to decide today, I’d be willing to spend about $12 to have him on my roster in a superflex just in case he gets the itch come August.

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Today’s thoughts:

Retired 40%

49ers 30%

Booth 10%

Dolphins 10%

Bucs 5%

Other team 5%

bump :grin:

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Replacement for David de Gea…‽

Lame that it’s the Bucs again. His boyhood squad the 49ers would have been cool.


Rumor has it that Brady is ‘working hard’ to end up being traded to the Dolphins. Gronk still a FA and the Bucs down a few other important pieces.

Arians and Brady weren’t going to last.

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Gronk retires again in order to unretire again later.

In the vein of the first question, I have Gronk for $5 and am planning on holding him past the keeper deadline.