Top 20 OF YTD @ Trade Deadline 2016

Here are the top 20 OF as of the 2016 trade deadline (8.31.16).

Who is your #2 ranked OF in 2017 behind Mike Trout (FGPTS)?

    1. Bryce Harper
    1. Kris Bryant
    1. Mookie Betts
    1. George Springer
    1. Charlie Blackmon
    1. Other

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Curious how different the list would be if Pt/G? You’d want a min of like 50 UP but I bet there’d be some real movement particularly in the bottom half of the list

The bottom of the list would be different if P/G, but I don’t think that will change who (from list above) would fall just behind Trout). I think there are some candidates next year to eclipse Trout, actually. Maybe that’s a pending bold prediction…