Total Games Played in Standings - Points League

I think it would be helpful to show the Total Games played for position players in the Standings Statistics table. This would help in evaluating how many games a team has played compared to the others in the league. Basically the same as the IP column for pitchers. It already shows games played by position in a table at the bottom of the standings page, but it doesn’t have the sum of all games played.

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It’s there. Or at least it is for 5x5. Go the League Standings and then the second table down called “Statistics.”

EDIT: Guess it’s not there for Points Leagues. But it’s there for roto leagues.

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Yeah I think this is a points-specific request. IP shows up everywhere and G shows up just for roto. Adding G to that points stats table might be good, I’ll have to see given all the columns already in that table.

Stopping by to give this a vote. If a games played column were added, would it also work with the range mode enabled?